November 28, 2012

Christmas Mood Board: Brown & Red

It's time for another Christmas mood board! As much as I'm a fan of modern white and grey colour scheme for Christmas, I quite like the more traditional take with brown and red as well. I used mostly natural materials to create this mood board; paper rosettes made of the pages of an old book, brown paper wreath was made using craft tape, brown paper wrapping topped with decorative ribbons, doilies, coloured wooden beads, and wooden numbers and wooden scrabble tiles to personalise packaging and gift tags. Handmade red felt balls give a nice festive twist to my plain wooden beads.

The little cubes are made out of natural straw and are a part of 'himmeli', a traditional Finnish Christmas decoration I am still putting together! As you may know, I am a huge fan of good old plywood and those tags with little snowflake cut outs, as well as the plywood deer are amongst my favourites for this Christmas.

PS. I have a recipe for those rye ginger bread cookies you see in these photos. I will post that too soon!